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Feb 2, 2013 9:00pm EST
, are important. they are good for american defense and let us do things we couldn't otherwise do. they need to be part behalf we do. that said, if we issued a bunch of drones to the philadelphia police department and said go after the drug problem in philadelphia, they would be able to figure out some drug dealers. they would be able to shoot drug dealers with hell fire missiles and in fact, and in fact they would be right in many cases. but if you think you solved the drug problem, you probably would not. in some cases you would make it worse because many people would experience the exposure. even though they knew the person was a drug dealer, they would be overredded by the fact that you do that. there's a perception even though the shot may only kill people who are absolutely guilty, the perception of everyone wandering away there were civilians there. there's the i want impression that the united states -- you lose support. if i'm corrected i may be a little dated. american popularity among the population of pac -- pakistan was not high. at one point it was below india. the people most
Feb 3, 2013 4:30pm EST
on where we stand in the nuclear arena in the world, what would adequate defenses should we be worried about missiles from north korea? should we weren't worried about israel attacking iran? >> great question. i would be worried about it. i don't think the destruction of the world is close to where it was five minutes to midnight or one minute to midnight in the court were because it's a miscalculation to every have a workout and civilization. i don't think it's as likely right now. i think you have nuclear proliferation of not only weapons, but tall knowledge she at some point gets to a rational or irresponsible actors. the lady of nuclear strategy was based upon the fact your opponent was a rational actor. the dangerous when someone gets a weapon like that they don't perceive they have anything to lose. whatever pretty scared about north korea if it had a rational act are to be of the sort, but there's the concern. the thing is they been very irresponsibly using people like lebanon, hezbollah and other circuit and president ahmadinejad does not inspire confidence. so there's the sens
Feb 2, 2013 10:00am EST
douglas and sarah allison center for foreign studies. he priestly served as fellow for defense and homeland security. he is well verse inside the special area operations as well as defense support to civil authorities. he served for three decades as an army special forces officer and top pentagon official in july 2001 he assumed the duties of military assistant to secretary rumsfeld and worked daily with the secretary for the next five and a half years and then upon retirement from the army he continued at the pentagon as deputy assistant secretary of defense. please join me in welcoming steve bucci. steve? [applause] >> let me add my welcome to all of you. i think we're going to have a real treat this morning. as john mentioned, i'm a special forces officer by profession, and so this area is near and dear to my heart because this is kind of what we do, or did. they don't let me do it anymore. [laughter] i mentioned to max when he came in a little historical artifact in that when i was a cadet at west point, i bought a book that had just been published. it was a two-volume set.
Feb 2, 2013 11:00am EST
understands as secretary of defense or anyone who wears the uniform is burden is now on our soldiers. and we have overloaded the circuits. of we've asked our military to damn near do everything. well, we should never, ever put the military in that position. not only are they not capable of doing everything, they can't. they're human. and so consequently, we're seeing a great deterioration in the quality of our army and the marines, we're doing great damage to our fort structure. and i talk about that in the book. but soft power, how do we use all the instruments of our government, of our country, of our reputation? i talk about the first, in the first part, first section reintroducing mesh to the world. i -- america to the world. i think for the next president in his or her administration and the new congress, that's going to be as critical a component and urgent focus that the new president is going to have. this new president is going to have to reconnect america with the world. the world does not know who we are, and that should not come as any great surprise when you look at those 6.5 bi
Feb 2, 2013 3:00pm EST
the world of nightmare. reason seems a better defense against the pain. what made the difference between two children that began almost the same way, inseparable. and in our own eyes, virtually identical, almost, but not quite. he was smarter, he was the father i wish for. why did i enjoy, even thrive when he was consumed by the same dangers that surround him? a culture that pushes boys out into the streets while protecting girls. there is more. nelson had mentioned that at the hospital one thing, call it what you like, discipline, determination, perseverance. a force of will. even apart from his saying so, i knew that it had made all the difference in my life. if only i could bottle it, i would share it with all in america. every time your parents tell you not to be stubborn, look at them and say that the justice that it was a good thing. [laughter] [laughter] it isn't easy for people with money. i have many friends who have proven that to me. money does not buy happiness. the very true adage. life does each of us a lot of things. if you let them knock you down, life is really unhappy. the
Feb 2, 2013 11:00pm EST
people is still largely been there to his bed. the defense has said his chief of is the choice and a luxury it deal with race and interests including barack obama can talk about race because if he does the people who voted for him or find some reason the city is emphasizing it too much. the array some been a it can pay enormous dividends in the future when. it's vital when we get our history and law and of what happens so we can restore our confidence and the capacity for government to move for hidden them. and the science going to be easy hamel of the have five years of anniversaries and of great blessings for the whole world more or enough sharing in this democracy. if we understand, and it is a vital task demand begins with a recess in him. the great thing about the civil-rights movement is it assures that the promise of democracy comes representative when the staff of their respond, and sometimes there will inspire you, but in the both of those things coming together. in order to do that you have to have a sense of history and a and helping him to assure one does to convent
Feb 3, 2013 12:30am EST
defense, to meet artists and the cross culture of visual arts, performing arts and literary arts is just a natural. right on our shelf here is a perfect example of the cross-cultural work of the city of santa fe. it was written and produced by the santa fe opera. the venue was the theater. children came from all over the city to see it and lpd press in albuquerque produce this beautiful book. collected works sold the book at the event and we had some left over. those leftovers went to the city, extra stock. a bend went as a part of the sister city program to a local gentleman down to mexico and went to children in mexico. so there you have literary art, the performing arts, the educational value and the city cultural outreach all-in-one book. wherever you are go and investigate a local store. see if you like it. try to form an allegiance to it. if you don't like what they carry tell them. a lot of what we order comes from suggestion from our customers. i wish you had this book, which you have that book. we will get it for them and very often we will get another copy for the store and ver
Feb 3, 2013 6:30am EST
beginning at its founding. this is where community defense still happen. this is where traditional christmas pageants take place in santa fe today, as they have for the last couple of centrist. this is also where the first american revolution took place. thi have a book at some of you y want to read. this was an important event. not only in santa fe sister, but in the history of the nation because this was the first successful uprising by native people against the european conquerors. the pueblo peoples join together and forced the spanish out of santa fe into exile, 300 miles south of here where they stayed for the next 13 years. our history and culture is so rich because of the three dominant culture groups that have influenced it. starting this, a native people and they're very strong oral story telling history. before the books an alphabet for them to write down their stories. they danced their stories. they did rock art. they told their stories through families and pass them down from generation to generation. and even today, the native peoples believe that the most sacred stories shoul
Feb 3, 2013 7:30pm EST
during the war and minister of defense citibank capacity to? i think not. only two people wrote the churchill was from alcohol. most of a staff member reported to stalin but he thought stalin wanted to hear at the second was a private secretary to anthony eaton, who also would've liked to report to his boss that churchill was struck, but churchill would have never been able to work as he did for so many years and so successfully of alcohol or take a hold of. churchill very much enjoyed the legend of his drinking added by the bursting of the consumed, and macho habit was habit which he indulge a tough british bulldog who could drink with the best of them, down at the pub with a local as it's as britain. another churchill favorite indulgence, cigars. he had three uses for cigars. the first was sheer pleasure, enjoyment of the flavor of a good cigar and the feeling of relaxation such a smoke brings you to think it the trademark. churchill is true sure to a politician not to realize his cigar had become an iconic symbol of his great in the face of adversity. just as fdr cigarette ho
Feb 2, 2013 12:00pm EST
in defense of that interest. of course, we did not have in the 1970s, a robust military that would provide the opportunity to deploy over long distances. nevertheless, it began that the united states assume security responsibilities. the next step that was taken towards the duties that the british had done came in the iran iraq war that continued through most of the 1980s. during the reagan administration, trying upon that very same standard that president carter had put forward projected military force into the gulf in the refighting of tankers and using the u.s. military to do that and escorting ships through the gulf. putting the u.s. military in harms way. in 1991 the united states engaged in operation desert shield and desert storm. so after 1991, the united states never laughed red it has been maintaining order. it has been ensuring the free trade in and out and around the golf, the missions that the british had been doing in the 1800s and 19 hundreds. since then, it has been a time that is separated by what i call chaos. >> host: can this continue? you see a continuing? should it ca
Feb 3, 2013 9:00am EST
misunderstood. we tend to think of it as sort of a defensive me. they were losing any union. they decided to take this gamble. they did take a gamble that they were the only slaveholding class in the 19th century world who did it. the brazilian slaveholders didn't do it. why did these guys do it? that's a real interesting question, and i try to explain in the book what was the mindset. is completely fascinating to get inside the mind of this incredibly powerful, not just in terms of social power and wealth, but political power of this elite. there used to running the united states and they really did not doubt their ability to do this separately. so the confidence is there, and it's a big piece of the story. >> was their overwhelming support for secession amongst the south? >> no. if they're really, really interesting political campaign. i've written about three or four times in my life and i never cease to be amazed. karl rove would have been impressed. they needed, i mean, most of the elite, political elite, only a third of white adult men owned slaves in the south at this point, and mo
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11